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Meet our Founder

Val Curtis (@TechTalkGal on Twitter) is a Social Media Consultant and Digital Strategist. She is the founder of Treehouse Creative Digital Solutions in Friday Harbor, WA.

A few years ago, Val Curtis quickly learned the importance of putting as many tools as possible in her personal tech toolbox when a college Physics TA offered her free tutoring if she could teach him how to use Excel. She hadn't learned it just yet, but she knew she could and she did.

Throughout the years as a Marine Ecology & Ornithology Lab Assistant, Whale Watch Tour Office Manager, Pre-service Teacher Educator, Middle School Math / Science / Tech Teacher, Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Instructional Technology Coordinator and Social Media Manager her thirst for learning, testing, and implementing the "newest" tools in technology wove it's way into every job.

Val has worked and consulted with dozens of entrepreneurs, businesses and nonprofits around the globe through her online magazine, BonBon Break, which she started in 2012. Partnerships that began as simple paid posts turned into consulting sessions where she taught large brands how to integrate themselves into the influencer space. 

In addition to speaking at blogging conferences, women in business groups and conducting training events for teachers, Val has also been the featured speaker at CyberSafety for Families community events.

Since launching Treehouse Creative Digital Solutions in 2019, Val has been assisting businesses and non-profits to share their stories and put their best foot forward in the digital world.

CONNECT at val.curtis@treehousecds.com. 

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Meet Our Creative Assistant

Taylor has spent over 20 years working in the entertainment industry including music, film, and television.  She began her career in music working for acts ranging from Paul McCartney to Lady Gaga and everything in between. Later, Taylor attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona to master her craft.  After finishing at the top of her class, she went to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a sound designer.  While in LA, Taylor worked at multiple post production facilities as well as on set of a television production studio.  She has worked on numerous TV shows and films including MTV, The Discovery Channel, and the extremely popular video game ARK: Survival Evolved. 

After finally succumbing to the desire to see the world, Taylor went to work at sea onboard cruise ships.  During that time she was able to visit over 60 countries and had the privilege of working alongside crew members from around the world.

Taylor has a love of the outdoors and adventure.  She spent 4 years as a ski patroller and was honored with the “Ski Patroller of the Year” award in 2013. Looking for more adventure, Taylor moved to Colorado and became certified as a white water rafting guide.  Taylor is also passionate about surfing and has surfed in California, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Bali, and Vanuatu. 

Recently, Taylor has found a new passion in marketing and is currently studying the subject in college.  She loves the art and science of combining creativity with data to find the best ways for brands to connect with their consumers and expand their market.

CONNECT at taylor@treehousecds.com

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